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We have quarries located in Ballydesmond, Co. Cork and in Barradubh, Co. Kerry. Both are well established quarries and we supply the local area with a huge range of high quality Sand and Stone Products.

All our Quarry Products are CE certified and approved to the highest standards.

Our Building Stone is known throughout the Country for its quality and distinctive colour. It has been used in buildings in every County. Our stone is generally delivered by the lorry load however it can be bagged and delivered depending on the order. We also can cut the stone using a guillotine also for special orders.

Our Sand quarry in Barradubh produces sand to the highest quality. We can produce sand to meet the GAA Specifications and it is perfect for Sand Carpet pitches and for Pitch Maintenance.

The following is brief list of the Quarry Products we produce:

Ballydesmond Quarry

  • Building Stone
  • Clause 804/808
  • 75mm clean drainage stone
  • 20mm Chip
  • 14mm Chip
  • 10mm Chip
  • 100mm Down
  • T0 STRUC 0 - 125mm
  • T1 STRUC 0 - 31.5mm
  • T2 STRUC 4 - 40mm
  • T3 BLIND 0 - 4mm
  • 6mm Down (Pipe Bedding)
  • Quarry Run

Barradubh Quarry

  • Sports field Sand (GAA Approved)
  • Concrete Sand
  • Plastering Sand
  • 20mm Chip
  • 10mm Chip
  • 6mm Grit

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